Mission and Overview

Our Mission 

Transform beliefs about gender roles and inspire young girls to takeoff into their future.

What is PreFlight?

PreFlight is a 501c3 nonprofit, that provides a six-day camp and mentorship program for girls, ages 11-14. We use aviation to build girls’ self-esteem, empower them to reach their goals, and inspire the next generation of pilots. In the same way that a pilot must first perform a “preflight” before they can takeoff in their airplane, our camp is a young girls “preflight” into aviation.

Our hands-on approach to learning explores aviation through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). Campers apply their knowledge first-hand and make lifelong memories when they pilot a simulator and fly an airplane on a private flight with one of our female instructors! All of our counselors are professional female pilots who empower the campers by connecting each topic to broader life lessons and teaching them there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Seeing is believing and by placing young girls in an enriching environment, surrounded by female aviators and role models, they begin to believe that becoming a pilot is a real possibility for their lives. PreFlight Aviation Camp will not only transform beliefs about gender roles, but will inspire young girls to takeoff into their future! We can’t wait for you to takeoff with us!

PreFlight’s Colors

The color ORANGE in the logo is the color of ADVENTURE. It symbolizes the legacy of past female aviators. These women were drawn to the adventure of the skies, the challenge that the pursuit of flight offers, and the promise of unending exploration.

The color PINK in the logo is the color of HOPE. It symbolizes the journey of present female aviators. They are the hope who inspire the future generation to pursue their aviation dreams, and continue to carry the torch of those who built the legacy before them.

The color BLUE in the logo is the color of PERSEVERANCE. It symbolizes the path of future female aviators. When they look towards the welcoming sky, with no ceiling and no end, it reminds them to have perseverance toward achieving their goals and making their dreams a reality.