Jennifer, PreFlight Parent

This is one of the coolest, most unique experiences out there for our young women.  The counselors were so inspirational and did an amazing job of enlightening our girls to all the opportunities that are out there for them.

Anonymous, PreFlight Camper

I had so much fun at PreFlight! I learned a lot of new things about aviation and I liked how they connected everything with real life. I especially loved how everything came together in the end with the Discovery Flight. I would PreFlight again in a heartbeat!

Selah, 12 – 2018 PreFlight Camper

The camp was beyond what I could have imagined.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I went in with an open-mind, and participated in activities that I would not have been able to experience elsewhere.  The leaders were energetic and really helped me build my confidence.  While I was there I not only set specific goals for myself, I came to believe I could achieve them.

MJ, 13 – 2018 PreFlight Camper

I made so many friends and memories that I will never forget. I came to the camp not wanting to fly and then went home wanting to get my pilots license!

Paige, 11 – 2018 PreFlight Camper

I LOVED PreFlight Camp!  My confidence was boosted to the next level!  I made new friends and learned a lot about myself, life, and aviation.

Aleena, 11 – 2018 PreFlight Camper

If I had to rank camp from 0-10, and 10 being the most awesome, then it was 100! Loved the simulators, lesson about helicopters and drones, and especially the flight!

Natalie, 11 – 2018 PreFlight Camper

PreFlight totally inspires girls be themselves.  They can do the same things that men can do and they get to learn more about aviation in the process.

Anonymous, PreFlight Camper

The experience was valuable and will provide me a lifetime of memories. I have a better understanding of what I am capable of now and in the future as I choose a career path. The camp allowed me to open up my thoughts and experiences to others. I learned a lot about goal setting for academic and personal reasons. I plan on using the knowledge about goal setting more often as I continue my education.

Anonymous, PreFlight Parent

The PreFlight staff were amazingly friendly, very knowledgeable in the camp subject matter and they exhibited a great deal of compassion for the campers. The camp agenda was well organized, included a lot of differing activities and was easy for parents to understand, leaving little for a parent to worry about…I would highly recommend the PreFlight Camp to others with young daughters.